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An inspiring and motivational Marketing Manager with first-rate interpersonal skills. He possesses vast managing experience and will always ensure that clear objectives and expectations are delivered and maintained. Dedicated team player with expertise in Marketing, Brand, SEO and Project Management

I have gone through the entire growth stage during 17+ years from Specialist, Manager, Senior Manager, Director and I have worked with many companies as a manager, consultant and instructor.

I have also published several books and articles in reputable journals.



B.A : Accounting

MBA : Business Administration, Global Marketing Management

DBA : Business Administration, Marketing Brand Management

Certificates : Word Press, Joomla, SEO, ASP 3, Photoshop, After Effects, Google, Hub Spot


Food & Beverages, Health, Luxury, Home Appliance, Cosmetic, Graphic Design, Software, Banking


Business Services

Global Marketing

Determining the target market, Determining the target market and consumer behavior, Adapting needs, Communication channels, Market developmenet


Internal and External Branding, Brand Identity, Brand Association Tree, Brand Evaluation, Content Creation Strategy, Storyboard, Storytelling, Sports Campaign, Flash Mob

Digital Marketing

SMM, Web Branding, Content Creation, Content Curation, Ads, SEO (Off-Page/On-Page), Email Marketing


Determining the Complications of Sales Plan, Sales Engineering, Pricing Policy, Sales Promotion, Sales Incentive Program, Account Management, Sales funnel


ATL, BTL, TTL, Focus Group Management Ideation

Business Plan

Business Plan for Start-up - Entrepreneurship Visa - Present New Ideas for Angel/Incubator Companies, Long Run Planning


Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of collaborating with diverse brands across various industries. Here are some notable examples:

In the tech startup realm, I worked closely with companies such as Final Area (Game), Histopia (Metaverse), Snapp (online Taxi), Tapsi (Online Taxi), WillBESEEN (Festival), SmoShop (Smart Shopping Cart), Raymon (Smart Building), Augmented Reality Shopping, Taxi Food, Nani Digital Twin, VCare (Online Treatment), ... These experiences allowed me to delve into the exciting world of gaming, metaverse, online taxi services, smart shopping solutions, and cutting-edge technologies like augmented reality.

I also had the opportunity to partner with renowned home appliance brands like LG, Samsung, Bosch, ParsKhazar, and Absal. Through these collaborations, I gained valuable insights into the ever-evolving landscape of home appliances, contributing to their marketing and brand development efforts.

The food and beverage industry also featured prominently in my portfolio, working closely with iconic brands such as Redbull, ZoodFood, Hani, and Baradaran. Collaborating with these brands allowed me to explore the dynamic realm of food and beverage marketing, developing strategies that resonate with consumers and drive brand loyalty.

Within the telecommunication sector, I partnered with industry leaders such as Hamrahe Aval, MTN IranCEL, and Rightel. These collaborations involved leveraging my marketing expertise to enhance their brand presence and strengthen customer engagement in the highly competitive telecommunications landscape.

I also made significant contributions to the healthcare industry by working with platforms such as Doctor Online, Farshid Akhtari, Dr. Salamat, and Asman Clinic. By combining my marketing skills with a deep understanding of the healthcare landscape, I played a role in advancing online treatment platforms and promoting accessible healthcare solutions.

In the automobile sector, I collaborated with renowned companies like IranKhodro, Saipa, Renulat, and Pegute. These partnerships allowed me to navigate the automotive industry, developing marketing strategies that showcased the unique features and value propositions of each brand.

Furthermore, I have been involved in the financial sector, working with entities such as MandegarACC, IFC, and Saha. Through these collaborations, I gained insights into the financial landscape, contributing to their marketing and brand positioning efforts.

These diverse experiences across multiple industries have honed my skills and enriched my understanding of various market dynamics. I am excited to bring this broad perspective to future collaborations and continue making a positive impact in the ever-evolving world of marketing.

Only a few examples of SEO Project Management among many projects:

  • Farahan Carpet ( In my role as an SEO Manager, I led the optimization efforts for Farahan Carpet's website. Through keyword research, on-page optimization, and technical SEO improvements, we achieved higher search engine rankings and attracted targeted organic traffic, contributing to increased online sales.

  • IranMCT ( As an SEO Manager, I spearheaded the optimization efforts for IranMCT's website. I successfully improved the website's search engine performance and organic visibility by conducting thorough SEO audits, implementing technical optimizations, and creating targeted content. Through strategic link-building and effective keyword targeting, we were able to attract a wider audience and generate qualified leads.

  • ( Working closely with the team behind, I formulated and executed a robust SEO strategy to enhance the website's online presence. By optimizing site structure, improving keyword targeting, and leveraging content marketing techniques, we achieved higher search rankings, increased organic traffic, and improved the overall user experience.

  • ( As an SEO Manager, I collaborated with the team at to enhance the website's search engine performance. Through meticulous keyword research, on-page optimization, and content strategy development, we improved the website's visibility, increased organic traffic, and drove valuable conversions.

  • Dental Salamat Clinic ( In this role, I worked as an SEO Manager for Salamat Clinic's English website. By implementing SEO best practices, conducting keyword research, optimizing content, and improving website performance, I contributed to enhancing the website's visibility and attracting a wider audience seeking healthcare services.










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