Reza Hosseini


Marketing & Brand Specialist

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Marketing, Sales, Branding and Advertising



An inspiring and motivational marketing and sales specialist with first-rate interpersonal skills. Possessing vast managing experience, he will always ensure that clear objectives and expectations are delivered and maintained. Dedicated team player with expertise in marketing management, advertising, planograms, vendor relations, CRM, digital marketing, event and brand management.


B.A : Accounting

MBA : Global Marketing

MBA : Marketing [USA]

DBA : Marketing Brand [Australia]

Certificates : WordPress, Joomla, SEO, ASP 3, Photoshop, After Effects, Google, Hub Spot


Food & Beverages, Health, Luxury, Home Appliance, Cosmetic, Graphic Design, Software

Business Services

Global Marketing

Determining the target market, Determining the target market and consumer behavior, Adapting needs, Communication channels


Internal and External Branding, Brand Identity, Brand Association Tree, Brand Evaluation, Content Creation Strategy, Storyboard, Storytelling, Sports Campaign, Flash Mob

Digital Marketing

SMM, Web Branding, Content Creation, Content Curation, Ads, SEO (Off-Page/On-Page), Email Marketing


Determining the Complications of Sales Plan, Sales Engineering, Pricing Policy, Sales Promotion, Sales Incentive Program, Account Management, Sales funnel


ATL, BTL, TTL, Focus Group Management Ideation

Business Plan

Business Plan for Start-up - Entrepreneurship Visa - Present New Ideas for Angel/Incubator Companies, Long Run Planning


  • IranMCT [ Management Consultant Firm]:  CMO, Coach and Consultant
  • Business Plan [Research Market Co.] : CMO & Business Plan writer
  • Redbull, Regional Brand Advisor
  • IranBSC [ Strategic Management Consultant Firm]: Cofounder | Coach and Consultant
  • Samsung [Home Appliance]: Marketing and Sales
  • LG [Home Appliance]: Marketing and Sales
  • Thai Credit Retail Bank Public [Banking]:  Corporate Branding
  • Nafis [Market Place]: Marketing and Sales
  • Arta Jojeh Sabalan [Poultry production]: Marketing and Sales
  • Zayer and Associates [Real-Estate]: Web
  • ...





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California, USA